The WCF mission

The aim of the WCF is to enhance the survival of the remaining wild chimpanzee populations and their habitat, the tropical rain forest, throughout tropical Africa. We hope to reach this goal for 20-25’000 chimpanzees in the 17 countries in which they still exist in fairly intact habitat and to cover thereby the behavioral diversity of the species, still widely unknown today.

chimpanzee is using tools to crack a nutnut cracking

chimpanzee is fishing ants with a stickmother with infant

Portraits of our cousins in the forest (pdf)

  • To protect such a “flag-ship species” in its forest habitat enhances also protection of other endangered fauna and particularly the highly endangered rain forest.
  • Maintaining the tropical forest cover is a condition for guaranteeing the seasonal rainfalls. They are crucial for the human populations and their crop plantations.
  • Protecting the chimpanzee means guaranteeing the survival of the living link to our own prehistory concerning questions about the human evolution.


female chimpanzee

JULIA (1970)

The mother of Jacobo is a tall silver-grey female. When the group was habituated JULIA had another daughter, JINA, who disappeared in March 1999, only three moths after Jacobo’s birth. Her best friend is RUBRA and together they regularly stay apart from the group for several weeks together with their dependent offspring. Her son, Jacobo is one of the two identified infants in the south group, that was sired by a male from outside the group. In December 2003 JULIA gave birth to a little daughter.