Wild Chimpanzee Foundation

Who we are

WCF Switzerland & Germany

Professor Dr. Christophe Boesch is the Founder and President of the WCF. [CV] Christophe and the WCF received the St Andrews Prize for the Environment in 2015.
Hedwige Boesch-Achermann is the acting Director of the WCF and the European Representative in Leipzig, Germany. Hedwige received the "Trophée de femmes" 2007 award of the Yves Rocher Foundation in Switzerland.
Julia Riedel is the Assistant in the WCF office in Leipzig, Germany. Julia received the "Trophée de femmes" 2011 award of the Yves Rocher Foundation in Germany.

Dr. Tobias Deschner assists with public relations of the WCF in Germany.

WCF Côte d’Ivoire

Dr. Emmanuelle Normand is the Director of the West African Office in Abidjan.
Julien Desré is the Executive Assistant for the WCF West African office in Abidjan.
Firmin Kouakou Konan is the Law Enforcement Field Officer.
Simone Ban is the WCF Assistant to the Director.
Ano Joseph Kouassi is an Ivorian PhD candidate, studying the bush-meat trade in the Taï-Grebo-Sapo Forest Complex.
Yves Kablan is an Ivorian PhD candidate, studying the effects of illegal anthropogenic activities on wildlife inside the Taï National Park..
Daplé Kouazeu Raoul is the FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) program officer.
Chloé Viala is the Sustainable Forest Management Program Officer.
Florence Gogable is the WCF Accountant.
Monique Dibiis is the WCF Accountant.
Taï office(from left to right): Gregoire Nohon became, in 1986, the first African field assistant in the Taï chimpanzee project. He is an expert in chimpanzee behavior. Since 2014, he is the Taï Education and Eco-museum Supervisor. Guillaume Sea is the WCF Education Animator around Taï National Park. Thierry Fabien is the Taï Field Coordinator and Eco-tourism Program Officer. Maxime Pahi and Arnosia Pahi are both Assistants for the field activities in Taï.
Anti-poaching data collector team: is composed of 6 Ivorian members:Alphonse Tagnon, Emile Tere, Lambert Yao, Denis Lia, Elysée Koula and Célestin Tere. Their mission is to look for illegal humans’ activities in Taï National Park to help the park management.
Ecotourism team: all eco-guides come from Ponan, Taï and Gouléako:Louise Pahi, Sylvia Kore, Marina Yro, Delphine Yahiri, Mathieu Pahi, Willy Koula, Armand Bai and Alexi Tiemi.They know the forest since they are children.

WCF Guinea

Virginie Vergnes is the WCF Guinea Country Office Director.
Moussa Kaba is the Deputy General Director and responsible for the public relations.
Maxime Walens is the Director of Administration and Finances.
Mamoudou Sangaré is
the Administration Officer.

Sékou Touré is the Accountant.
Adama Hawa Baldé is the Chasier.
Pacifique Kizila is responsible for the Environment Program.
Marine Marc is the Community Development Program Head Officer.
Mohamed Lamine Kaba is Community Development Program Officer.
Salian Traore is a Government Representative for "Office Guinéen de Parcs et Réserves" and Community Development Program Officer.
Mamadou Tanou Diallo is Community Development Program Officer.
Kadiatou Barry is Community Development Program Officer.
Laurie Alapini supports the Community Development Program.
Yana Jones supports the Community Development Program.
Marie-Laure Balandier supports the Community Development Program.
Assane Sefou Beavogui is responsible for the Biomonitoring and Environment Program.
Bangaly Kaba is Activity Manager for the Environment Program.
Cece Bamamou is the Environment Program Officer.
Francois Lamine Millimono is Activity Manager in the Environment Program.
Benjamin Debetencourt is doing his PhD with camera trap studies in the Moyen-Bafing National Park.
Dylan Deffaux is the Club P.A.N. coordinator and responsible for education, sensibilisation and communication.
Mamadou Bobo Balde is a Club P.A.N. supervisor.
Tidiane Nabe is a Club P.A.N. supervisor.
Amadou Sadio Bah is a driver.
Mamadou Balde is a driver.
Diallo Youmoussa is a driver.
Yakouba Diallo is a security guard.
Mamadou Djan Sall is a security guard.
Mamadou Fadia Sow is a security guard.

WCF Liberia

Dr. Annika Hillers is the Liberia Country Director, based in Monrovia.
Florence Harris is our Administration and Finance Manager.
Silvana Sita is a Program Officer based in Zwedru.
Benjamin Queminee is the FDA Chief Park Warden and "seconded" to WCF.
Zoro Gone Bi Irié Bérenger is a program officer, supporting biomonitoring and community eco-guard programs.
Steek Tompoe is an FDA auxiliary seconded to WCF to be a team leader for the community eco-guard program.
Simon Furnell is a consultant.
Augustine S. Laveleh Jr. is an Administration and Finance Officer.
Godfrey F. Woyea is the Aquaculture Officer.
Matthew Traoré is a Field Supervisor.
Kotina Q. Weiah is an Administration and Finance Assistant.
Oliver Sompohn is an Office Assistant.
William B. Sieh is a Driver.
Dauda Turay is a Mechanic Driver.
Abel Toboe is a Security Guard.
Shadrick George is a Security Guard.
Alex Totaye is a Security Guard.
Vasco Manyeah is a Security Guard.