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Club P.A.N.

Club P.A.N. (Personnes, Animaux, Nature / People, Animals, Nature) is part of the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation's environmental education program operating around the Moyen-Bafing National Park and the proposed Pinselli-Soyah-Sabouyah National Park in Guinea. The forests in Guinea are home to wild chimpanzees and thus the name P.A.N. is fitting as it is also the scientific genus for the chimpanzee. Club P.A.N. was conceived by WCF and the Primate Conservation Group at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in 2007. It is the brain child of Thomas Breuer and Julia Riedel. Thomas has been involved in a similar program Club Ebobo from Wild Conservation Society in the Republic of Congo. Club P.A.N. is a collaboration with the Guinean school system and the Ministry of Education in Guinea.

Club P.A.N. conservation goals:

  • Teach children about the flora and fauna of the region's ecosystem, so that they appreciate and take pride in the biodiversity that exists in their region
  • Teach children basic knowledge on environmental issues in order to promote care and awareness towards nature conservation and its significance
  • Discourage the trade in illegal bush-meat by reducing the likelihood that the current generation of children will consume or trade bush-meat in the future
  • Promote conservation and research activities undertaken within the countries.

The Club P.A.N. movie from Schumachermeister Productions can be found here:
Click here to watch the video!

The Club P.A.N. and Club Ebobo lesson book was designed by the Primate Conservation Group and WCF, together with the illustrators Claudia Farack and Heike Opizzo and a book editor Andrea Farack. All pictures and texts were produced by the said developers who additionally own all copyrights and credits. You are welcome to use this material for non-commercial activities under the condition that the original content and aims are respected and the logo and names of the above mentioned are highlighted.
Club P.A.N. book (in French)
Club P.A.N. book (version for primary schools, in French)
Club Ebobo book for teachers (in French)
Club Ebobo book for children (in French)

Club P.A.N. publications: